Get The Basics Right

We’ve designed service stacks to help solve the most common problems we see in the market. Whether a start-up or one of our enterprise clients, a customised and specific mix of our service modules creates the right solution for your organisation to grow.

The AIDA Framework 

AIDA is a flexible and highly adaptable framework that models the typical user journey. It traces from when they first become Aware of a brand, through to their growing Interest in the solutions or services, then their Desire to purchase the solution, and finally the ultimate decision to take Action. Awareness, Interest, Decision, then Action.

We’ve designed service stacks to help solve the most common problems we see in the market. Whether a start-up or one of our enterprise clients, the right mix of our service modules creates the right solution.

Elegant in its simplicity, AIDA helps map any business activity against a stage in this journey and provides context for how each activity should be framed. The Solutions we bring to organisations are always underpinned by this thinking, and how they can be used to further the objectives of that phase.  We then implement it, measure it, refine it. Everything is iterative and governed by the data. 


Attention: you must cast a wide net at the top of the funnel to attract the customer’s attention. This can either create brand awareness or draw attention to your product or service.


Interest: with attention captured, you narrow the funnel. Businesses must generate interest in the product or service’s benefits, encouraging the buyer to learn more.


Desire: create an emotional connection with the buyer to help them transition from interest to actively “wanting” the product.



Action: spark the buyer to take action, whether it’s making a purchase, contacting your business, or signing up for a mailing list.


The KBI Framework

We’ve developed a unique combination of our services and tailored each to address the challenges cybersecurity organisations face.

The Ignite Phase

Our Ignite Framework is all about creating the ‘Minimal Viable Marketing’ for your start-up or scale-up business. From our years of helping organisations get initial market traction, we’ve built an ideal framework that provides the basis for all sales & marketing efforts for years to come.

We start by selecting the right service modules and correct variations of each to pull together a project schedule that achieves your goals of presenting professionally to the world. Each solution we create is a unique combination for each client, injecting their own ethos and unique value into everything we do.

Strategy & Architecture

Plotting the right course is vital

To be successful with sales & marketing, you need to understand the order of operations ideal for your business. We help businesses build and optimise their digital marketing architecture and overall commercial workflows.

Brand Identity

Without Brand, you don’t have a company

Yes, we make all the pretty things like your new logo, marketing assets, colourways, and the like. But they each are merely a reflection of what you stand for and why you’re here; aspects of a brand that are much more important to your prospects.

Site Build

Stand out for the right reasons

It’s pretty easy these days to throw something together on one of the many cheap web editors. The problem is, this simplicity means that they have in many ways become the lowest common denominator for a web presence. Do it properly.

Pillar Content

Writing isn’t easy, & tech writing usually boring

And it’s also a massive time sink to actually do, let alone the ‘learning’ of how to write properly for your specific audience and to optimise for search engines to get visibility. Doing it wrong means fruitless effort and throwing content into the void.


The only way to scale is to automate effort

The Ignite Program starts your automation journey, with systems in place to give you one firm spot on which to rest and move the Earth. We put in key tools to help with sales & marketing workflows and set the groundwork for more complex automation. 

Reporting & Analytics

KBI provides insight & intelligence to digital 

In the world of KBI’s Engineered Marketing, if it’s not measured, it doesn’t exist. We also need our customers to gain real insight and value from the qualitative and quantitative feedback that’s sitting in the ether, so we provide actionable intelligence.

Want to Know How We Can Help?

The Accelerate Phase

The KBI Accelerate Program comes on the tail of the establishing of your Minimum Viable Marketing from the Ignite Program, and is where we introduce additional sophistication to your company.

The sole purpose of Accelerate is to expand on the foundational elements from Ignite and mature the assets you have into something matching your ambitions for company expansion. 

Brand Identity

Shine on you crazy diamond

The fundamental Brand Identity established during Ignite is not enough as you start to scale more aggressively. This phase sees KBI evolve it from a simple set of documents into a living Brand Portal that houses all the digital and print assets that any organisation requires to thrive.

Site Expansion

Build new levels of education

Your Ignite site already says to the world, “We are here, and we are worth your attention.”. Now, we are looking to add so much more. We use the site we created for during your Ignite phase as the extensible basis, and create an educational platform to help change prospects to clients.

Content Strategy

Design a clear roadmap for your content strategy

If you’re growing your team, it’s possible you’re adding to your own internal marketing capability too. This can be the right step for some security organisations, so we provide a clear roadmap for your content marketing and let them handle the  writing and publication, or you can ask us nicely!


Why do your own heavy lifting?

By introducing new layers of sophistication to the digital tools you’re likely already using, you can reduce administration overload, and ensure that prospects and clients don’t fall through the gaps. This all takes place without any additional effort. In fact, with less effort, you can achieve much more.

Intelligence Feeds

How do you know what to do next?

Imagine getting a constant feed of information that tells you the exact name of the organisations that are visiting your site, the best contact for you to reach out to, how people are engaging with you on social media, and even have their details appear inside your CRM with all details attached.

Inner Circle

We know the people you want to know

Our clients going through the Accelerate phase start to get access to important contacts within our network. This might be in the form of potential investors, distribution partners, contractors, or service providers that can help take your business to the next level of growth.

KBI.Media The Voice of Cyber ®

KBI.Media reports on the cutting edge of Security. Podcasts, deep-dive articles, streaming news service, and documentaries all dedicated to cybersecurity.


Content is king. This is a phrase you may well have heard. Content Marketing is a strategic marketing technique that focuses on producing and delivering valuable, relevant, and consistent content in order to attract and maintain a specific audience, and, eventually, to generate action.

KBI creates and distributes world-class content specifically for the security industry.

Our media division,, has a level of reach to security practitioners and technology executives across the globe. So not only are we creating amazing new content, we’re making sure it gets in front of as many of the right people as possible.


Written Content

Writing’s easy; just sit down at a keyboard & bleed

It’s not simple, and it’s also a massive timesink to do. That’s assuming you even want to ‘learn’ how to write properly for your audience and for the web.

Understanding what your audience will be interested in through diligent research of your competitors and the thought-leaders that likely abound is fundamental. To then take that sea of data and write a cohesive and interesting narrative, coupled with the technical skills required for SEO optimisation makes it entirely daunting.

Each member of the KBI writing team has deep technical expertise across a broad range of security technologies meaning they catch-on quick. The struggle of explaining complex (and often basic) technology concepts to writers or marketers is no longer required.

Podcast Production

Podcasting is the new newsletter

It’s pretty easy to create a podcast these days. But there is a big difference between recording a podcast and actually making it worth people listening to at all. Even more challenging is getting your audience to keep listening!

KBI will help you identify the best direction for your podcast and how best to create the episodic content for your audience that will keep them engaged.

From developing the format of your show, the name, the essential artwork, managing connection to all the podcasting directory platforms, to distributing each episode, we’ve got you covered. Along with these services, we also handle the reporting and promotion of your podcast to accelerate its growth.

Film Creation

Film is the most expeditious way to connect

KBI creates powerful work in film that educates your audience and compels them to take action.

Our own production studio works only with broadcast-level equipment for expertly produced live streams and recorded features. As an active member of the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS), KBI has the skills to constantly evolve and stretch closer towards excellence.

When we produce a corporate film, we don’t just show up with cameras like other production businesses might. We come prepared from weeks of planning to make sure you get the footage you need on camera to reach your goals. We create powerful documentaries, advertisements, live events, filmed case studies, and interviews for cybersecurity organisations.



Imagine having an army of expert sales professionals, armed to the teeth with your critical sales & marketing artefacts and the singular purpose of getting the attention of targetted decision-makers.

Boost is a wildcard Program that initiates anytime once the fundamental aspects of your company are established. You need somewhere for your prospects to go.

In conjunction with Sales Inc. Australia’s leading Sales Consultancy for the cybersecurity industry, we’ve developed Boost to help start-ups and scale-ups get paying clients fast.


The Process

Electronic Direct Mail

Email is still the most powerful medium to connect with your audience. With Sales Inc. we create EDMs that convert fast


Content Management

KBI builds content, whether films, podcasts, articles, to connect with and teach your audience to get them moving


Landing Pages

New pages created explicitly for your arriving audience containing specific answers to their specific questions



Advertising can help draw prospects in, but why wait? Instead, expert sales team chases leads for you


Reporting & Analytics

With all our combined activity, you need to know what’s going on. We deliver a complete snapshot of activity


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