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Business in the modern era is all about connecting with your audience. KBI’s services are about fostering that connection in the best possible way and maximising those points of contact for business outcomes.

Lines of Service

After years of helping cybersecurity businesses grow and thrive, we’ve developed a full suite of modulised services.
Each of these can be used individually or combined to address your unique plan.
We’ve also created combinations as our Solutions that we know work for organisations at different stages of growth.

Advisory & Strategy

Marketing & Product Strategy 
Personal Branding


Brand Identity
Website Development



Written Content & SEO
Podcast & Film Production


Intelligence as a Service

Site & Social Analytics
Digital Engagement



Internal Communications
Corporate Access

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Advisory & Strategy

It’s hard for businesses to know what to do next. Sometimes all you need is a clear path in front of you to get where you’re going.
We help security organisations build a clear roadmap for the marketing and products.
We help leaders to build pa plan to bolster awareness and to shape public perception of their company.

Marketing & Product Strategies

Imagine having a sounding board that had seen, used, and evaluated a huge swathe of cybersecurity solutions in the market – quite possibly that includes your competition.

KBI helps shape your thinking, and helps you plan the evolution of your solutions. Whether a SaaS business or a Managed Security Services Provider, we help you define and articulate how your business might operate.

Personal Branding

More and more, executives and organisations as a whole are starting to recognise the benefits of personal branding. From Jack Welch, to Steve Jobs, to Alexander the Great – letting your reputation do the heavy lifting can be a powerful strategy. How one goes about building that reputation can be a challenge, and one that we’ve unlocked.

KBI.Media The Voice of Cyber ®

KBI.Media reports on the cutting edge of Security. Podcasts, deep-dive articles, streaming news service, and documentaries all dedicated to cybersecurity.


The cornerstones of every business are how they present themselves to the world, and the central hub for where they connect with their audiences.
Our Foundational services are how you build those fundamental assets and start to really move your company forward.


Brand Identity

Brand is much more than colours and logos. It’s about how you connect with your intended audience. It’s your visual identity, and the language you choose to use, where you engage them, and so much more. 

We have two tiers of Brand Identity that map to where organisations are during their growth:

Baseline – The distillation and creation of the visual brand of your company. From colours, to logos, to fonts, we build a compelling styleguide documenting what your brand looks like and how it should be used.

Full Identity – A complete exploration of your brand potential. We run a series of workshops to help build a complete and defined vision for your company. This culminates in a living microsite that houses all the brand assets for your organisation and provides ready access building a consistent & cohesive brand.

Site Development

Your website is the cornerstone of your digital empire and should be treated as such. KBI will build a site as unique as your business, based on the expertise we’ve built upon over years of working exclusively with cybersecurity organisations. We know your audience well and will shape the design and narratives to impart exactly what’s required to help position your company.

Depending on where your company is in terms of growth helps us create the perfect digital experience for you.

Ignite level – We build the minimum viable site for your business, explaining exactly what you do and the benefits that can bring. Simple, clean, and extensible, this site will serve as the basis for future development efforts too.

Accelerate level – When your business starts to accelerate and you need a more complex and complete presence, KBI will provide a sophisticated and incredibly valuable platform to help you educate and convince your prospects.

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Gaining visibility in a saturated market isn’t easy. It is, however, simple. We know how to seed an audience, build that Awareness, Interest, and start increasing the volume of people that consider your organisation as the right solution for them. A combination of content types, or a focused approach, we deliver incredible content. From SEO written pieces, unique podcasts where you control the conversation, or films that explain your unique value,


Written Content

From social media to your site, the written word is incredibly powerful. Through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) web search engines can learn more about the specifics of what it is you do, and help identify your level of authority and expertise in that work.

By understanding how SEO works, KBI builds your ranking and helps propel you towards the top of the results pages through blog articles and deep-dive technical papers.

We use this same content to create compelling content for social media, sharing ideas and educating your prospects, and driving them to reach out to you.


Podcast Production

A podcast is a great way to share your knowledge in your field and position your firm as a thought leader in the industry, particularly for B2B. Regular podcasts with information or ideas that help your prospects can put you front-of-mind.

Your customers want to work with an organisation that understands what they’re talking about, and a good podcast helps to establish and foster that confidence.

KBI have produced countless podcast episodes and know exactly how to architect all the moving parts to help make it a success.


Film Creation

If a picture is worth one thousand words, what worth then is 24 frames a second?

Our own film production division, Stilt.Studio, has the equipment and experience to create truly cinematic interviews, commercials, and documentary films. We help design complete start to finish projects for film that help tell your story.

The sole purpose of B2B films is the education of your prospects. Principally, we’re looking to inform other business stakeholders on the services or products you provide, and why they so badly need them!

KBI.Media The Voice of Cyber ®

KBI.Media reports on the cutting edge of Security. Podcasts, deep-dive articles, streaming news service, and documentaries all dedicated to cybersecurity.

Intelligence as a Service

You can only make the right decision reliably when you have reliable information. KBI provides a custom ecosystem that will lift your organisation from the pits of ignorance to an informed, and efficient machine ruled by data. We combine the raw data from a host of sources to provide insight from each, and more importantly, through combining this data, a more complete picture of how your business is functioning.

Reporting & Analytics 

“If it’s not measured, it doesn’t exist.” – Karissa Breen

We make sure everything we do is measured. Only then can we know we’ve improved. The cornerstone of digital intelligence, activities on your site can reveal a great deal about the behaviours and thinking of your prospects.

We even map user behaviours on your site to see exactly how they are interacting and navigating to help better design the flows and conversions across the entire site.


Digital Engagement Monitoring

Who’s interested in the solutions your company provides? What organisations are spending time evaluating your company, and what specific solutions are they interested in?

The clever code we put on all our sites means that we can see this data, and integrate it with your workflows – like your CRM – for optimal efficiency. Imagine seeing exactly which of your prospects, or even organisations of whom your sales team aren’t even aware exist, are browsing through your capabilities…

Public Relations & Media Monitoring

As your company scales or introduces new capabilities, it’s vital that your team stays on top of how and where the organisation is being represented in the media. 

What happens if you get hacked? Your Incident Response may be able to rectify the issues from a technical perspective, but do you have plans in place with how you’ll inform your people? Your partners? The public? We build communications response plans that tie in with your Incident Response, and Disaster Recovery & Business continuity to keep people safer, informed, and productive.

By creating and distributing the narratives for your organisation with media releases with our partner, Established Media, and using digital tools to report on all the chatter, even with Dark Social Analytics, nothing goes unnoticed.

Jenny by Decipher Cyber

Our partner, Decipher Cyber, offers an unparalleled platform that bridges the gap between customers and global cybersecurity vendors.

Their market intelligence platform allows organisations of every size to compare cybersecurity solutions.

As their exclusive marketing partner, we create the films and presence for vendors on the platform that provide clear and concise details of exactly what it is you do, how you do it, and why your prospects need your solution.

KBI.Media The Voice of Cyber ®

KBI.Media reports on the cutting edge of Security. Podcasts, deep-dive articles, streaming news service, and documentaries all dedicated to cybersecurity.


Every action in this world is preceded by communication. This includes everything from your own internal monologue deciding what to have for breakfast, how you market to your prospects, how you engage with new partnerships, and even how you execute your training inside the organisation.

Internal Communications

There are a million reasons that you need to communicate with employees.
It can often be hard to be heard – even inside your own house. We help you reach the people inside your business; whether Security Awareness Training, general communications, raising your Cyber Culture, or reporting on the newest phishing campaigns, we got you covered.

Corporate Access

With our extensive network inside the tech industry – particularly in cyber – we help connect investors and promising organisations.

We help start meaningful conversations by making strategic introductions to potential partners, investors, advisory or the domain experts you need.

 Simply put, we know people and organisations that can help each other, and we join the dots for better outcomes.

Recruitment & Executive Search

Partnering with the premier talent solution for the security industry, MercSec, we help craft talent attraction and acquisition messaging as unique as your business.

By investing in Konnect, you may well forgo the expensive pitfalls that all too often crush the cashflow of start-ups and smaller organisations by bringing the right people to you.


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