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    Helping every cybersecurity organisation connect better with their audience.

Better Audience Connection

The competition in the security market is incredibly tight. Companies have taken to marketing overreach and positioning their solution as some kind of silver bullet to try and get customers – a short-sighted and flawed tactic.

Getting traction is about articulating what you can do, and the benefits offered clearly, and without exaggeration. That’s how you build trust…
That’s how you build a business.

KBI helps organisations connect with their audience and build true engagement while letting technology and automation do the heavy lifting. This means less admin work, and just genuine conversations with the people that matter to you.

KBI.Media The Voice of Cyber ®

KBI.Media reports on the cutting edge of Security. Podcasts, deep-dive articles, streaming news service, and documentaries all dedicated to cybersecurity.

Security Marketing & Media

How do you connect with your audience in a world that’s competing for that very same attention?

Whether sales & marketing, internal communications, or improving public perception, it’s all about engagement. That means connecting on a human level.

Enterprise or start-up, B2B or B2C, the reality is everything is ultimately P2P.
Person-to-Person is the right way to understand and help your audience.

KBI helps cybersecurity businesses connect with their targets and build true engagement, while letting technology and automation do the heavy lifting. Less admin work, and just genuine conversations with the people that matter to you.

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What KBI Can Do For You

We’re a firm of cybersecurity specialists that have developed true expertise in marketing and media, not a marketing company that hopped on the security bandwagon. Our Founders and Principal Consultants all have time at the cybersecurity coalface.

We understand firsthand the challenges security organisations face, and the mistakes that they all too often make. We help you avoid them.

Our Services fall into five domain pillars centred on the objectives they address:

Advisory & Strategy

Marketing Strategy
Product Development


Brand Identity
Site Development






Internal Communications
Corporate Access

Niche Knowledge

A normal marketing agency won’t know the security space. Even if they’ve had cybersecurity clients in the past, the nuances and specifics of your particular offer are going to be misunderstood. Our people have been focused solely on cybersecurity for years, with founding staff having held executive positions within consulting, finance, and operations roles. We know cyber.

The KBI team know how to best position your offer and know your audience – be they technical resources or C-Level decision-makers.

KBI are the specialists in cybersecurity marketing, with the founders and leadership team all having experience at the coalface. We understand the niche. We understand the nuances. We know the difference between the various disciplines inside the security industry, and we’ll find exactly how you can set your business apart.

Delivery & OutcomesKBIGeneric Marketing AgencyInternal Marketing
Deep Cyber Knowledge✔️
SEO Expertise✔️
Content Distribution
Formal Project Processes
Cyber Sales Process
Vendor Analysis Process

Want to Know How We Can Help?

How We Help – Engineered Marketing

Many of our clients engage us for a single service line, though most businesses fall into one of several situations we’ve seen a thousand times: zero awareness, growing pains, or stagnating market growth. We built the KBI programs to address these challenges systematically as the ultimate sequence of accelerator frameworks that deliver the right outcomes for businesses as they scale.

KBI have built a range of frameworks based on best-practice and our own unique experience inside the security industry.

In line with your situation and objectives, we select the right modules that help hit the right note with your audience.

 Through our years operating inside the industry, we know what works and we know the security domain – won’t waste time with marketing that misses the mark.


Start-up Simplicity

From idea to reality, get your Minimum Viable Marketing working for your start-up.


Operational Excellence

As your business starts to grow, so too does your need for processes and sophistication.


Content-Driven Awareness

There are the voices of hundreds competing for attention; make your voice loud!


Time for Market Impact

It’s really hard for any start-up organisation to get valuable market traction as they start to grow. You’ve built something amazing, and nobody knows about it.

Commercial engagement is the next challenge for any business. And with all the white noise in the market, cutting through to the right decision-maker is incredibly frustrating and difficult.

 Now imagine that the key decision-makers inside all your target customers are already on the speed dial of a sales team that already know security and are focused on growing your business.

In conjunction with Sales Inc. we’ve developed the right solution for cybersecurity start-ups that want to scale aggressively. You’ll have a dedicated outbound sales team supported by expert marketing to generate awareness, and more importantly, qualified leads.