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Data leads to information
Information leads to knowledge
Knowledge leads to wisdom
Wisdom leads to better business decisions.

Intelligence as a Service

Most organisations are using some form of data analysis for their myriad digital activities. Problem is, that all too often it’s performative; more theatre than reality. They install analytics tools, so they’ve ticked that box, and now they ‘do data’…

So much effort is given to capturing data, reporting on that data, and for people to nod in acknowledgement about it around boardroom tables.
Few are using it to actually do anything truly meaningful.

KBI builds insightful data solutions that provide actionable intelligence for businesses. From simple web traffic analysis, through to more complex reporting and data mining & enrichment, we provide understanding. 


  • Web Analytics – Visitor data and behavioural heatmaps in near real time
  • Digital Engagement – Watching which organisations are visiting your site
  • Public Relations – Monitoring and reporting on media mentions
  • Jenny InsightsThe search engine of cyber… and we have unique access

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Reporting & Analytics

There are a tonne of options and countless metrics available to report on within any of the leading suites like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, or Matomo. Knowing what that data means and what to do with it is critical if these efforts are going to benefit your business at all.

Do more than just see meaningless numbers once a month. Instead, see the insights that come from that data, and what you might do for your business.

Web analytics helps provide evidence about what’s working for your business, what’s not working, and what might work.

KBI.Media The Voice of Cyber ®

KBI.Media reports on the cutting edge of Security. Podcasts, deep-dive articles, streaming news service, and documentaries all dedicated to cybersecurity.

Digital Engagement Made Visible

A lot of organisations go to great lengths to put up ‘lead magnets’ – the exchange for a digital asset like a whitepaper in for the user’s contact details – without understanding that they can create friction.

KBI has clever code that identifies visitors on your site by their organisation and provides key information like their company LinkedIn or contact details.

We can integrate this data feed with anything from a simple spreadsheet list like a .CSV file on a regular basis, or more dynamic solution like Google Sheets. 

For organisations looking for a more elegant, automated solution, we can integrate this feed explicitly with your CRM. Imagine immediate notification that a company you’ve been prospecting is on your site that very moment. Conversely, picture a situation where your sales team call a business for the first time, knowing they are aware of your company already, and likely shopping around.

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Public Relations

Our solution leverages machine learning to identify trends and forecast message resonance, extracting insights, and creating actionable data from millions of unstructured, cross-channel media datasets in real time.

Your brand reputation is one of the most critical assets your organisation has. You need to be aware of the sentiments surrounding it.

We watch the entire internet for mentions of your business and key personnel – using a suite of tools much more powerful than other popular Alerts systems.

KBI.Media The Voice of Cyber ®

KBI.Media reports on the cutting edge of Security. Podcasts, deep-dive articles, streaming news service, and documentaries all dedicated to cybersecurity.

Jenny by Decipher Cyber

Jenny is a vendor agnostic cyber intelligence platform with global reach, bridging the gap between customers and global cybersecurity vendors, providing better market intelligence, and clarity to vendor evaluations.

KBI are the exclusive marketing partner for Decipher Cyber, helping security organisations represent their business on the Jenny AI platform.

In partnership with Decipher Cyber, we provide not only optimised marketing assets designed exclusively for the Jenny platform, but an elevated level of feedback and insight beyond your native metrics.

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