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CryptoAUSTRALIA – Shaping the way Australian’s View Security and Privacy

Oct 25, 2017

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Who are we?

CryptoAustralia is a newly established not for profit organisation aimed at arming the Australian public with the weapons and know how to defend their privacy and security online.

Online security is more important than ever, with predictions that 90 per cent of Australians are now online and official estimates claiming that Australian consumers lost around $45 million to internet fraud last year.

Gabor Szathmari, information security specialist and CryptoAustralia President, said the organisation formed as a result of numerous Sydney based events hosted during 2016 for the online privacy and security community.

What’s the plan?

Mr Szathmari believes CryptoParties are events that make the obscure problem of information security and data privacy more approachable to everyday Australians by cutting out the technical jargon and providing the opportunity to learn by doing.

CryptoAustralia is planning a suite of free events across Australia, including thought provoking presentations, practical workshops, movie screenings, and privacy and security themed games.

Meet the Squad…

Gabor Szathmari – President

Gabor is the president of CryptoAUSTRALIA. He is a passionate privacy, open government and free speech advocate. He is helping organisations with their information security challenges in his professional life.

Nick Kavadias – Treasurer

Nick is data engineer and recent law graduate. Since 1999 he has worked for a variety of different businesses including several Australian ISPs, the financial services industry and technology start-ups. He hopes to solve the impedance mismatch between law and technology by educating legal and tech professionals alike.

Takahiro Nei – Director of Fundraising

Takahiro Nei is a serial entrepreneur from Japan with numerous start-up engagements in Chicago, London, Myanmar (Burma), Tokyo and now Sydney. He is CryptoAUSTRALIA’s Director of Fundraising Strategy.

Ed Yuwono – Director of Strategy

Edward is an Information Security strategist providing practical approaches for defending organisations.

Aiza Kamar – Secretary

Aiza Kamar is CryptoAUSTRALIA’s treasurer and a respected SCADA professional with over a decade industry experience.

Roland Wen – Event Coordinator

Roland is CryptoAUSTRALIA’s event coordinator in Sydney and a Visiting Fellow at UNSW. He has an unhealthy obsession with privacy, security, cryptography and elections.

Peter Tonoli – Event Coordinator

Peter is passionately concerned with free speech, data privacy, and data sovereignty, and maintains a keen personal interest in all matters pertaining to the internet. Peter is currently undertaking a Masters of IT Management.

Karissa Breen – Communications

Lucky last, I am just KB. But I am best described as a creative individual with a passion for technology and a focus in cyber security.

Keen for more?

Check it out: CryptoAUSTRALIA

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