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Sometimes doing things at your own pace is a much better alternative when it comes to achieving goals. The KBI.Academy fuels your journey with up-to-date learning material and ongoing support crafted by industry thought-leaders.

Course Streams

KBI.Academy was designed to provide deeper specialist knowledge and skills than the purely academic courses from universities. We’ve partnered with the topmost experts from around the globe and educational experts to provide not only the best content for each course and module, but to ensure it’s optimised for learning outcomes and SCORM compliant.


Our own Marketing Experts – in conjunction with best-in-class specialists from all over the world – have built modern no-nonsense marketing & communications courses that have been designed to be immediately actionable. And they’re all built to fit in with the unique demands and skill sets required within the tech sector to ensure better communication & better results.


KBI has been deep in the security space for years. From our award winning security podcast for executives, KBKast, through to creating unique deep-content for our client, we know many of the commercial and academic leaders across the globe. We’ve partnered with the most experienced to develop deep, niche-specific courses.

Tech Entrepreneurship

The Directors of KBI have started, bought, run, and sold over a dozen successful business between them. Over the course of the last decade, they have met hundreds of entrepreneurs and founders, and provided services to some of the most exciting tech start-ups in the world. THey leverage these relationships to bring you a course that will help you build the next big thing.